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The Dead Candidates

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  *In The Line Of Duty*
Rest In Peace Deputy Sheriff Michael Foley
Alameda County Sheriff's Office, California
End Of Watch: 02-23-17
Deputy Mike Foley, 60, succumbed to head injuries sustained the day prior when hit by a bus(details within). Please, take a moment to read of how this Hero LIVED:

Born with a soul that has Courage to wear the Badge, Deputy Foley had been Saving, Serving, and Protecting the People as a Law Enforcement Officer for 38 years.

Officer Foley began his calling when hired by the Concord Police Department, California, in 1976 as a Police Cadet. In 1978, he was hired as a sworn officer and he proudly served his hometown community of Concord for more than 29 years.

from Concord PD: "During his honorable service with our department, Mike worked a variety of assignments to include Patrol, Traffic, SWAT, and as a School Resource Officer. Mike was a very humble man who had an incredible work ethic and the natural ability to bring calm to chaotic situations. Many of our officers thought of Mike as a mentor given the depth of his experiences and for the manner in which he carried himself.

Mike's easy-going personality and approachability made him an excellent fit as a School Resource Officer working with kids. His students were naturally drawn to him and he assisted countless students through difficult times in their young lives.
It is said that Mike was a "Cops Cop." He had a servant's heart and his dedication to his chosen profession exudes class, commitment and professionalism. Mike was very devoted to his family and he will be sorely missed by so many.
In 2007, Mike retired from our department as a Master Police Officer.
Thank you Mike for all the lives you touched." (395)
Following a commendable and decorated career, Brother Mike retired from the CPD in 2007 after serving for 29 years. But this True Blue wasn't done yet ...

In 2007, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office hired this amazing lawman.

from ACSO: "Michael was one of the hardest working Deputies on this agency. He used his experience and wisdom to mentor countless numbers of young officers throughout his career. He was an extremely kind man who loved his family, friends, co workers and community. He believed in public service and making the world a better place. All of us who were touched by his life will never forget him. He is a role model and a great example for others to follow. Our hearts are broken."

Courageous and Compassionate, Fearless and Fair, this Brave and Benevolent Brother of Blue simply wanted to make a difference in his small corner of the world. May we take a part of Brother Mike's legacy with us when we enter into our daily arenas while continuing to create our own, and do so with the same Honor, Fidelity, and Integrity as this True Blue served.

May we always remember Deputy Sheriff Michael Foley for how he Lived As Only A Hero Could.

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 0610hours(local), Deputy Foley reported for work early as he was in the habit of doing. While walking through the Santa Rita jail parking lot, a department bus, driven by a fellow Deputy who was delivering food for the inmates at the same time struck Deputy Foley. It was dark out, the lot was unlit, Deputy Foley was dressed in dark blue clothing, the roads were rain slicked, and though only driving less than 15mph, the bus struck Deputy Foley, who then struck his head on the pavement as he fell. A tragic accident.

Deputy Foley was conscious and alert on scene, speaking with the medics but lost consciousness while en route to the hospital. Deputy Foley remained in critical condition as he underwent numerous procedures to reduce the swelling on the brain. Doctors worked throughout the day and night to help save our Brother.

Sadly, and with very heavy hearts, this proved to be our Brother's final battle ...

On Thursday, February 23, 2017, Deputy Sheriff Michael Foley succumbed to his injuries, family of blood and blue by his side, and was pronounced by the doctors ... but not before one last act of Heroism:

"The Foley family wanted you all to know that although Mike's death is tragic his life is going to save others. Mike was a registered organ donor and we are happy to tell you, the gift of his organs to other people will save their lives. Mike lived a life of service and even in his passing he was thinking of others. Mike's foresight and generosity will ease the burden of other families. What an amazing gift. That is the type of person Michael Foley was. Please share this story of human kindness." - Alameda SO

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Foley family, the Men and Women of the Alameda SO, the Concord PD, to all first-responders who came running to assist, to the staff at the hospital, and to all whom have had the pleasure and the privilege of knowing and working along side this True Blue Hero. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with fellow Deputy and his family. Please hold him extra close.

Our Brother, as you now patrol the streets of Heaven may you continue your vigilant watch over us all as we carry on In Our Brother's Honor. We thank you for your service and for your sacrifices. We thank you for your life. Job Well Done Sir.

Rest In Peace Deputy Sheriff Michael Foley ... We Have The Watch From Here. SALUTE!

FUNERAL DETAILS: Deputy Michael Foley
The funeral service for Deputy Michael Foley will be held this Friday, March 3rd at 11am. The location will be the Concord Pavillon, 2000 Kirker Pass Rd. Concord, CA.
Members of the public are welcome to attend the service.
Fire and law enforcement officers are asked to arrive at 10am for preparation.

The SF Police Credit Union has established an account under the DSA of Alameda County Charitable Foundation for the benefit of Deputy Sheriff Michael Foley. Contributions may take place in person at a local branch, mail or electronically utilizing account #1387350 S5 M Foley Memorial Fund. Funds may be forwarded to SFPCU via mail or electronically as follows:

ACSO DSA Charitable Foundation for Michael Foley
2550 Irving St
San Francisco, Ca 94122
Acct#1387350 S5

Deputy Foley is the 23rd Law Enforcement Line Of Duty death this year, 2017. The fourth for the state of California this year.

All tributes of all of our fallen can be found in our 2017 True Blue Angels In Heaven album at this link:

~written by Nessie for True Blue Warriors~

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The Arson Victim Is Running For Office
The Brutal Hidden Truth Of Contra Costa County 

2012AccidentNate GreenanKilled in strange accident WB-24
2013Drowning Catherine Perata Don Perata Daughter in-law
2012SuicideMichael McNultyFormer Sheriff Richard Rainey and Mayor Sue Rainey's nephew -
2012AccidentChuck SilvermanKilled in high speed bizarre accident - friends with Kellie Reed
2008ShootoutCatalina Torres Killed in Police Shootout
2009MATRICIDEEustacio TorresKilled by finance in San Diego
2014MURDER David BremerFormer Roommate on Creekside Drive Walnut Creek
2012POLICE SHOOTING Anthony Banta Jr. Killed by WCPD during bizarre shooting - I knew everyone in that appartment
1999POLICE SHOOTING Jason Watts Wife is the niece of CCC Supervisor Glover's
1988POLICE SHOOTING Cynthia Kempf Killed by Pittsburg CA PD after failed takeover robbery conducted by police officers
2001ARSONLaw Offices of Don Moats Offices Burned Down by Arsonist
2005INTIMIDATION Attorney Sage Sepahi represented Bennett - beat up in Walnut Creek - delibarate attack
2013INTIMIDATION Pete Bennett Attempted murder by vehicle Walnut Creek
2014INTIMIDATION Pete Bennett Attempted murder by vehicle Walnut Creek
2014INTIMIDATION Pete Bennett Attempted murder by vehicle Walnut Creek
2014INTIMIDATION Pete Bennett Attempted murder by vehicle Walnut Creek
2014SHOOTING DW - Tires shot out with depleted uranium round - connected to Federal Agent who was 2004 Gas Line Explosion Witness
2005SHOOTING Alicia Driscoll / Jineva DriscollThe Murder Suicide that's likely a coverup story to hide facts about 2004 Fires - it's the mom I knew
2013Murder Keith Richards Homeless Vet found dead under bridge near Kaiser and Traders Joes
2013Murder Unknown Male VictimUnknown Male Victim found under same bridge
2013SuspiciousMike McIntyre Death couched as natural causes.
2014SuspiciousUnknown Male VictimFound in front of Las Lomas HS
2009Suspicious Adam Milford Found in front of Las Lomas HS - family not told full facts left lacking clear picture
2014SuspiciousAlamo Mom News blackout - family is talking - single fatal shot to head 

WALNUT CREEK - Investigators spent another day Monday probing what caused a fire that destroyed a Walnut Creek lumberyard whose owners' mounting financial woes put them at risk of foreclosure on several Northern California properties.
Detectives began peeling back mounds of debris on the third day of their investigation at the Piedmont Lumber and Millwork Company on North Main Street. Firefighters quickly quenched some small flare-ups overnight.

Saturday's four-alarm fire immolated more than an acre of building and construction stock, leaving hip-deep flows of sticky, compacted ash and the occasional free-standing wall amid the debris. It destroyed the two-story business and damaged two adjacent ones. Investigators peg the loss around $5 million.

"We are continuing our search for the origin and cause of the fire," Contra Costa County Fire Investigator Vic Massenkoff said. "The structure on the property was about 7,800 square feet, so you can imagine we have quite a task. I expect it will be another one to two days."

The fire was the second at a Piedmont Lumber site in seven months. A suspicious fire erupted in the middle of the night Aug. 21 at the company's Pittsburg facility on Piedmont Way, causing $500,000 in damages. Fire investigators believe it was the work of an arsonist, but have yet to determine who was responsible.

Court records show the lumber company is on the brink of financial ruin.

Umpqua Bank filed a lawsuit in Contra Costa County Superior Court on March 1 against Piedmont Lumber and co-owners William C. Myer Jr. and Victoria Myer, alleging the company is in default on nearly $15 million in loans obtained since 2007. The 14-count complaint seeks judicial foreclosure on Piedmont Lumber properties in Pittsburg, Tracy, Mendocino County and Lake County.

Attempts to reach William and Victoria Myer not immediately successful Monday. No one at Piedmont Lumber headquarters in Pittsburg would comment.

County Costa County records show a bank lien filed March 2 began foreclosure proceedings related to the Pittsburg property.
Another lawsuit was filed federal court March 1 against the company by Northwest Administrations, which handles the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust Fund on behalf of union employees. The complaint alleges that since November, the company has failed to make fringe benefit contributions as required in the union contract.

After hours of digging with a machine shovel and a loader at the Walnut Creek yard Monday, the experts remained well short of the evidence needed to either confirm or rule out arson. Contra Costa Fire District investigators, with help from U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents, focused on a general area toward the rear of the property where the fire likely began.
"We have no evidence as to the specific cause," Massenkoff said. "But there is a lot of physical evidence at this scene. It will take time to study it all."

Massenkoff said the business was closed when the fire started, the second Saturday that Piedmont Lumber had shuttered because of budget issues. He said investigators have no evidence linking Saturday's fire to the earlier blaze at the company's Pittsburg facility.

Staff writer Paul Burgarino contributed to this report. Contact Malaika Fraley Contact Karl Fischer at

Thursday, August 7, 2014

This is a chronolgy of events regarding State Senator Mark DeSaulnier

During my research I accidently discovered a causal effect between witnesses, litigation, our legal representatives and impact on the City of Walnut Creek's budget.

There is a direct relationship to the insurance burden connected the Fatal Police Shootings, accidents and cover-ups to the budget shortfall. The actions of a very limited number have cost the city millions in losses, created endless legal skirmishes, and financially destroyed many residents including this resident.

At some point the MPA should have been able to detect through analytics and surveillance activities that constitute insurance fraud, extortion, malfeasance and conspiracy.   During the December 2013 I attempted to get records on various projects in the city but was met with a wall of blue racing out of the Police Offices over the Plan Desks.  Months later I discovered how accident reports were being hidden from the public and the EIR where some accidents appear to be attempted murder.

The current budget exposure could be in excess 20 million on connection to several deaths given the Banta shooting litigation started at 13 million which is the excess insurance threshold.   This risk is spread around with other member cities but Walnut Creek will suffer the greatest economic harm but in my case the Police shot and killed a nice I knew.  I feel very different about these events.

Between the Benny Chetcuti Jr. 30 Million  Investment Fraud () and the Walter Ng. Lafayette Case of over 750 million one has to wonder why these case didn't come to light over ten years.

I personally understand because I lost over $400,000 in a estate forgery case that never got off the ground because Walnut Creek Police refused to investigate and those officers have been fire.
The Banta Shooting - The Case To Settle and Apologize

WALNUT CREEK - Investigators spent another day Monday probing what caused a fire that destroyed a Walnut Creek lumberyard whose owners' mounting financial woes put them at risk of foreclosure on several Northern California properties. - See more at:

The Hurt List 
Don Perata
Don Perata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To many this may sound very strange but the reality is I get attacked, beaten and mugged, my friends have been murdered, my clients threatened and relatives of my attorneys murdered.

It's best you stay away from me as it's simply risky.  As my blog evolves the general public at large, local cities, risk insurers, The California State Bar, The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors and political figures such State Senator Mark DeSalunier who instead of assisting his constituents on his back on me and others.  The Senators staff called the State Police who it turn I told persons were getting harmed which I know call the Contra Costa Hurt List

Sadly his long time political ally Don Perata's Daughter in-law drowned but she's one of many victims of which one was my attorneys brother in-law, the other incident nearly killed my sons just a few months before Alicia Driscoll killed her daughter but few noticed that Judith Williams killed Adam William's on Mt. Diablo at Lookout Point which is above where Loretta Hale committed suicide on Nob 11th, 2011 but from scenic drive you could see where Roma Bhatia was found dead on 680 which is adjacent to the hotel where Patricia Noel committed suicide.

Adam, Jeniva, Tim Hogan, Matt Miller, Gavin Powell, the two bodies in front of Las Lomas High School or the suicides from Kaiser Hospital or the poor homeless men who died near the new Condominium Development known as "The Villages" or the homeless men whose health destroyed after they were run over and crushed.

As this blog evolves you'll learn about the dead witnesses I've discovered connected to the 2004 Kinder Morgan Fire and you'll get to read the letters sent to EBMUD about this discovery.

Then you'll get to read my theory connecting the Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce Scandal e.g. Norman Wieslch, Chris Butler, Louis Lomardi, and my former Neighbor Stephen Tanabe.

Then from there I'm going to share how I've eaten from dumpsters while being terrorized by persons, police officers, and others connected to Benny Chetcuti Jr. who defrauded over 30 million from local investors.  I'm going to theorize a scenario that Chetcuti's fraud game was covered up by Walnut Creek Police who've covered up the fact that everyone knew key witness Ellen Sabudaquaria statements are clearly missing from a deadly fire that killed five.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The plight of homeless be can tortuous and treacherous filled with setback. The homeowner's left standing with money in their hands can call the man on demand. The man comes on demand often with accusations of what are you doing here, why are you here and what brought you here.

One fine morning in Walnut Creek on July 10th Officer Donleavey decided citing me was the perfect answer at 4AM in the morning but you can read the deeper story here.

Homeless Targets - Beat Em, Jail Em, then Impale them with a residents cars

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